Outlet Powered K-type Thermometer for Kiln and Forge with 2 Inputs and Large 0.56" Display

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  • Outlet Powered K-type Thermometer for Kiln and Forge with 2 Inputs and Large 0.56" Display
  • Outlet powered K-type thermometer for kiln, potter, forge, blacksmith or knifemaker

Expected release date is 15th Sep 2020



Early Preview:
New Outlet Powered Dual Input K-type Thermocouple Thermometer
Ideal for Kiln and Forge Applications

Most handheld K-type thermometers have an automatic shutoff function that switches them off after 10 or 15 minutes. This saves the battery, but can be annoying when you run a kiln or forge, you have to press a button every 10 minutes to keep the display on.

A lot of my potter, blacksmith and knife maker customers have therefore asked for a thermometer that would always stay on. Ideally it would be powered by an outlet, not by expensive batteries.

I finally developed this dual input thermometer that can measure K-type thermocouples over the full range, from -328°F to 2462°F. It displays only full 1 degree steps, no decimals. The electronics are based on circuits I have been using since 2013 for K-type dataloggers for my industrial customers. It will work with any K-type thermocouple, but for kiln and forge applications I recommend the model CR-2, which is made from a AWG8 sensor wire, which will hold up well in high temperatures. It is available in 8", 14" or 19" length.

The thermometer can be powered from any 110V outlet via the included 5V transformer.

This thermometer has two displays, so you can read both thermocouples at the same time, no need to press a button to switch the display. The numbers are 0.56 inch tall and easy to read across the room.

Please Note:
- I am taking pre-orders now, I am working towards shipping the first units on September 15, 2020
- this will be made to order, so please allow 8-10 days for manufacturing
- this is a work in progress, so come back for more images and updates in the coming days
- note that this listing is for the thermometer only, the thermocouples are sold separately

You can contact me here:

Thermocouple: K-type
Temperature Range: -328 to +2462°F
                                             -200 to +1350°C
Resolution:  1 degree Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius
Accuracy: Standard K-type, +/- 2.5°C or +/- 0.75%
Input: 2 miniature K-type sockets
Display: 2x 4 digit, large 0.56", warm yellow LED
Power: 110V to 5V power adapter (US)
Thermometer only, thermocouples are sold separately!

Standard units:
Housing: dark blue
Front Plate: dark blue
Display: warm yellow

Housing: off-white, yellow, black, light blue
Front Plate: yellow, black, light blue
Display: red, green, blue, white

 Made in the USA with imported and domestic components

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