Super Reflective Tape for Laser Photo Tachometer Tach - 2 Strips

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  • Super Reflective tape for laser photo tachometer
  • Super Reflective Tape for Laser Photo Tachometer Tach - 2 Strips


Super Reflective Tape for Laser / Photo Tachometer

Set of 2 strips, each 1" wide, 8" long

This is a set of 2 strips of Super Reflective Tape for the Photo and Laser Tachometers I offer, but they will work with any brand Laser / Photo Tachometer.
The Super Reflective Tape has a reflection that is about 3 times stronger than normal reflective tape. That means you can measure from a longer distance or in difficult situations, for example outdoors or in bright rooms, where the normal reflection is not strong enough for the laser tachometer.

The Super Reflective Tape is a bit stiffer than normal tape, therefore I can not be bent on very small radiusses, but on 1/2" diameter or larger curvature it should work.

You will receive 2 strips, each is 1 inch wide and 8 inch long.

Attach the super reflective tape to any rotating object, point the red light beam of the tachometer on the tape mark and within seconds you will be able to read the RPM. Frequently used to measure the RPMs of motors, small engines, airplane models, fans and blowers.

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