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How to wire the high temperature K-type thermocouple for kiln, furnace and forge

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We have made a short video that shows how to wire the ceramic K-type thermocouple CR-02 and connect it to the digital thermometer DM6801. I use some firebrick to simulate a kiln and show you that it can measure temperatures up to 1999 degree F.


A simple solution to an old problem with ceramic insulated K-type thermocouples

High temperature K-type Thermocouples like the model PK-1000 always had one problem: how do you secure the fibers at the tip? For low temperatures a PE plastic shrink tube can be used, but for probes that have to withstand 1800 degrees F (1000 degree Celsius) that is not a solution, the plastic would just melt [...]

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New thermocouple connectors

In the past we specialized in k-type thermocouples and thermocouple thermometers. We now have added other, hard to find thermocouples and thermocouple connectors. We start with a range of standard round connectors. These are k-type, J-type or T-type thermocouple connectors. They have round prongs, one a little larger than the other. The connectors are made [...]

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New Digital k-type thermometer that measures very low and very high temperatures - DT1311

We just added a new k-type thermocouple thermometer, the model DT1311. I am very excited about this, because it has a much larger measurement range than other k-type thermometer. Most k-type thermometer measure only from -58 °F to 1999 °F, but this has the full range from -328 °F to 2498 °F (-200 °C to [...]

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We try to make emergency deliveries possible.

A customer called Friday afternoon at 4:30 and requested a light meter LX821 that needed to be in Miami the next day  for a light audit on Sunday. Using UPS next day air service with Saturday delivery we got the meter to our local UPS store at 6:00 pm on Friday evening, and UPS delivered [...]

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Big sale on all k-type thermocouples in November

We have uploaded most of our k-type thermocouples and have a big thermocouple sale in November. Enter the coupon code "TC Rebate 10%" at checkout and receive a 10% rebate on all thermocouples.

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Welcome to our new website for Minnesota Measurement Instruments!

Hello and welcome on our new homepage. www.meter-depot.com has moved to new servers and a new, modern website and online shop. We are currently busy setting everything up and adding all our products up in the new store. This will take a few weeks and you will see daily new additions. In the meantime, if [...]

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