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Minnesota Measurement Instruments LLC is a manufacturer and seller of pre-made and custom temperature sensors. Our thermocouples, connectors, wires and thermometers are branded MN Measurement Instruments. We specialize in K-type, T-type and J-type thermocouples and thermocouple wire. In addition we offer a wide range of thermocouple connectors, protective tubes and thermocouple extension wires and cables.

Our type K thermocouples are widely uses in room temperature to high temperature applications. Our high temperature ceramic K-type thermocouple can be used in ovens, kilns and furnaces for pottery, glass and metal working.

Our type T thermocouples are mostly uses in cold storage and cryogenics applications. In recent years we have produced specialty thermocouples for fridges and ultra cold storage freezers for the vaccine industry.

Another emerging application for thin type K and type T thermocouples is in battery labs. We supply electronic device makers as well as electric car makers with a range of thermoocouples that are used to monitor the temperature of battery packs and assemblies in their test and prototype labs. Especially thin AWG30 wire probes with a high temperature PFA plastic insulation can be useful.

The best method to reach us is via email or the contact form.

Customer Service: carsten@meter-depot.com
Customer Service Phone: +1-(651) 317-9385

Minnesota Measurement Instruments LLC
1152 Lafond Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55104




For special fixtures or type J thermocouples we partnere with www.northernlightsmanufacturing.com


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