Extra Long K-type Thermocouple with High Temperature PFA Plastic Insulation 65 ft

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  • K-type Thermocouple PK-1 in 20 meter length
  • This thermocouple has bare ends for connecting to a PID controller
  • This K-type thermocouple has a welded tip.


K-Type Thermocouple PK-1 with Teflon PFA Plastic Insulation

- 20 meter or 65 ft long -

Measurement Range -350 to 500°F    (-210 to 260°C)

This is a reliable K-type thermocouple with Teflon PFA high temperature plastic insulation. The sensor is at the tip of a 65ft (20 meter) long wire probe. This Teflon compound based insulation is easier to clean than fiber glass insulation. This K-type thermocouple has no connector, but bare ends.

This probe can used to measure air or gas temperatures, it can be attached to pipes or embedded into objects you want to measure.

This thermocouple PK-1 is also available at custom length and with standard or miniature K-type connector.


Thermocouple: K-Type (Chromel / Alumel)
Wire: AWG24, 0.5 mm diameter
Class: II or standard grade, limits of error +/- 2.2 degree C or 0.75%
Inner insulation: PFA, ANSI color coded (Red = -, yellow = +)
Outer Insulation: PFA, yellow
Temperature Range:
-350 to 500°F  (-210 to 260°C)

Wire length: approx. 65 ft / 20 m
Probe Diameter: 0.082 x 0.047 inch (2.1 mm by 1.2 )

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