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3" Stainless Steel K-type Thermocouple AWG24 with Teflon PFA Insulation 6ft with bare end

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K-type 6ft PFA no plug and 3" SS
K-type 6ft PFA no plug and 3" SS
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K-Type Thermocouple for Digital Thermometer

- 1 thermocouple with brown Teflon PFA insulation and 3" Stainless Steel cover -

-292 to 500°F    (-180 to 260°C)

This is a flexible K-type Thermocouple for use in a wide range of lower temperature applications, such as environmental monitoring, fridges and freezers, ovens, wood kilns, laboratory and science use. The probe is made from AWG 24 Gauge K-type thermocouple wire and is rated for use from -320 °F up to 500 °F Fahrenheit (or -180 °C to 260 °C) . The K-type thermocouple is covered with a 1/8 inch (3mm) diameter and 3" (75 mm) long stainless steel tube. This type K Thermocouple Probe is made without K-type Thermocouple plug, the wire ends can be connected to a screw terminal of a thermometer or temperature controller or you can use your own plug.


Thermocouple: K-Type
Temperature Range:
Continuous use up to 500 °F or 260 °C
Accuracy: Standard Accuracy +/- 2.5 C or +/- 0.75%
ANSI color coded Teflon PFA insulation, red = -, yellow = +, outside brown , AWG24, 0.5 mm diameter
Wire length: approx. 6 ft / 190cm
Probe Diameter: 1/8"
Bare wire end, no connector

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