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K-type Wire with Female connector 10ft

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10 ft K-Type Thermocouple Extension Cable with Miniature Thermocouple Connector Female


This listing is for 1 K-Type Thermocouple extension cable, with a miniature female K-type thermocouple connector. The connector conforms to the miniature connector dimensions with flat blades and the K-Type Thermocouple Extension Wire specification. This means the metal prongs and the wire are made from compensating metal, the same material as the k-type thermocouple wire, which is chromel / alumel. This means the impact of the extension wire on the temperature reading is minimized. The wire can transmit the temperature signal over the full Type K range from -350 to 2500 degree Fahrenheit. But it needs to be in an environment that is under 221 F so that the insulation does not melt. One application is in oven or kilns, where an expensive high temperature wire is used to bring the signal to the cool outside, and from there this cheaper wire is used to bring it to an electrical control panel or PID controller.


K-Type Thermocouple Wire: Chromel / Alumel, AWG 24, solid wire

Color: Yellow 

Cable Insulation: PVC, stable up to 221 degree Fahrenheit F or 105 degree Celsius C

Connectors: High quality ABS plastic housing, stable to 248 degree Fahrenheit or 120 degree Celsius

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