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K-Type Thermocouple Wire High Temperature Sensor PK-1

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  • K-type thermocouple PK-1 with PFA Plastic Insulation
  • K-type thermocouple sensor PK-1
  • PK-1 K-type thermocouple sensor


K-Type Thermocouple PK-1 for Digital Thermometer

- 1 thermocouple with high temperature plastic insulation -

-328 to 500°F    (-200 to 260°C)

This is a reliable K-type thermocouple probe. The sensor is at the tip of a 3ft long wire probe, which has a double PFA plastic insulation. This Teflon PFA based high temperature insulation is easier to clean than fiber glass insulation. It has a miniature type connector that will work with most digital K-type thermometers. This probe can used to measure air or gas temperatures, it can be attached to pipes or embedded into objects you want to measure. The k-type thermocouple has a high-quality plug made from compensation metals (Chromel and Alumel), stamped on each blade. The thermocouple plug also comes with a white label field, so that you can mark or number your sensors. <br> This k-type thermocouple has a wide range of applications in engineering, the laboratory, in biology, chemistry and physics, as well as in engineering. This thermocouple is also available as set of 2 or 5 units. It is also available in 100 inch (8 ft) length and can be customized on request.


Thermocouple: Standard K-Type
Temperature Range: -328 to 500°F  (-200 to 260°C)

Wire length: approx. 3 ft / 100 cm
Probe Diameter: 0.08 inch (2mm)
Miniature K-Type connector

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