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Stainless Steel K-Type Thermocouple Insertion Probe 6" -TC-3

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  • Stainless Steel K-Type Thermocouple Insertion Probe 6" -TC-3
  • Stainless Steel K-type Thermocouple TC-03 in 6 inch 15 cm length, 0.12 inch diameter, 3 mm diameter
  • Stainless Steel K-Type Thermocouple Insertion Probe 6" -TC-3
  • Stainless Steel K-Type Thermocouple Insertion Probe 6" -TC-3
  • Stainless Steel K-Type Thermocouple Insertion Probe 6" -TC-3
  • Stainless Steel K-Type Thermocouple Insertion Probe 6" -TC-3


K-Type Stainless Steel Thermocouple for Digital Thermometers TC-03

This is a great medium size and inexpensive insertion thermocouple with a K-Type thermocouple sensor. The sensor is housed at the tip of a 6 inch long stainless steel probe, which comes with a 3 inch long handle. It has a miniature K-type connector that will work with many digital K-type thermometers.

This K-type sensor can be inserted in liquids or any soft object you like to measure. It is much easier to clean than the thermocouple wire that comes with many thermometers.

This stainless steel K-type thermocouple has a wide range of applications in science, manufacturing and hobbies. In the laboratory it can be used to measure a wide range of temperatures of gasses or liquids. It can be inserted in semi-solid materials such as powders, paste and soil. This K-type temperature probe frequently is used for science projects in school, college and university labs. In industrial applications the K-type thermocouple is used for manufacturing and in the HVAC trade to measure air and liquid temperatures. In the hobby range stainless steel sensors are used for brewing, distillation and extraction and maker projects. I frequently have customers who buy this for measuring the temperature of molten lead in lead casting, frequently with Lyman casting kits, but also for molten brass and aluminum. The sensor is about 1/4 inch from the tip. The tip of this K-type probe can be inserted about 1 inch into the molten lead to get you a good temperature reading. It is important to keep the handle and cable at room temperature.



Thermocouple: K-Type
Temperature Range:
-328 to 1292°F     (-200 to 700°C)  Note: some thermometers only read to -58°F or -50°C

Stainless Steel Probe
Probe length: approx. 6 inch (15cm)
Probe Diameter: 0.12 inch, 1/8" (3mm)
Handle: 3 inch
Cable length: 36 inch, spiral type
Miniature K-Type connector

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Warranty Information

1 year warranty
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    Posted by Hal W. on 18th Mar 2024

    So far, a nice valve for the price! Great addition to a standard multimeter with temperature function. The TC-03 also included the K- adapter to make solid connection to the meter. Much better build and a higher range than thin cable/wire type probes. Made a case from a cardboard cylinder to protect from other tools. Should include its own..? Probe is sturdy, but something you don’t want to store unprotected.

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