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Ultra Thin T-type Thermocouple AWG 36 6ft

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  • Ultra thin T-type thermocouple AWG 36 or 0.125 mm
  • Ultra Thin T-type Thermocouple AWG 36 6ft
  • Ultra Thin T-type Thermocouple AWG 36 6ft
  • Comparison of the AWG 24 and AWG 36 T-type thermocouple


Ultra Thin T-Type Thermocouple AWG36 for Digital Thermometer

NEW:  6 ft long

- 1 thermocouple 0.07 inch or 0.7 mm diameter with Teflon PFA insulation -

-320 to 500°F    (-200 to 260°C)

This is a flexible T-type Thermocouple for use in a wide range cold and ultra cold, cryogenic temperature applications, such as environmental monitoring, fridges, freezers, cold bath, liquid nitrogen, laboratory and science use. T-type thermocouples are frequently used in low and ultra low temperature application and cryogenics. The probe is made from AWG 36 Gauge T-type thermocouple wire and is rated for continuous use at from -320 °F up to 500 °F Fahrenheit (or -200 °C to 260 °C) . The T-type thermocouple is about 0.7 mm or 0.027 inch in insulation diameter. This type T Thermocouple Probe is made with a miniature T-type Thermocouple plug and will fit most digital T-type Thermometers. The thermocouple plug contacts are made from copper constantan compensation metal for highest accuracy measurements.

The photos show a 0.5 mm pencil for comparison.

This is made to order and may need 2 to 3 days production time


Thermocouple: T-Type
Thermocouple Grade: Class 2 (standard Grade) +/- 1.0 °C
Temperature Range: Continuous use up to 500 °F or 260 °C
ANSI color coded PFA insulation, red = -, blue = +, outside blue
Wire length: approx. 6 ft / 190 cm
Wire thickness: AWG36 (0.125 mm) diameter
Probe thickness with insulation: 0.027 inch (0.7 mm)
Miniature T-Type connector

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