New Digital k-type thermometer that measures very low and very high temperatures - DT1311

We just added a new k-type thermocouple thermometer, the model DT1311. I am very excited about this, because it has a much larger measurement range than other k-type thermometer. Most k-type thermometer measure only from -58 °F to 1999 °F, but this has the full range from -328 °F to 2498 °F (-200 °C to 1370 °C).
This thermometer is great for everybody working with metals in a foundry, furnaces or high temperature kilns. I also have sold it to customers who are knife makers and harden steel at precise temperatures.
It can be used with the high temperature stainless steel or the ceramic insulated k-type wire probes.

And at $26.99 it also is cheaper than all the other thermometers. As always we offer free shipping in the USA.

26th Jan 2015 Carsten

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