August 5 update: We are back in office and processing the orders received in the last week.

New thermocouple connectors

In the past we specialized in k-type thermocouples and thermocouple thermometers. We now have added other, hard to find thermocouples and thermocouple connectors. We start with a range of standard round connectors. These are k-type, J-type or T-type thermocouple connectors. They have round prongs, one a little larger than the other. The connectors are made from compensating metal, the same metal combinations that are used in the thermocouple wire. This reduces errors in the measurement. These standard connectors are compatible with standard plugs from Omega, Newport, Wattlow and other manufacturers.

New K-type, J-type, T-type thermocouple connectors at

19th Jun 2016 Carsten

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