7" High Temperature Type K Thermocouple Sensor AWG 12

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  • 7" High Temperature Type K Thermocouple Sensor AWG 12
  • 7" High Temperature Type K Thermocouple Sensor AWG 12


K-Type Thermocouple Probe AWG 12 for Digital Kiln Thermometer

- 1 k-type thermocouple wire probe 9.25" or 235 mm long  -

-58 to 2500°F    (-50 to 1370°C)


This is a medium duty K-type Thermocouple for use in kiln and furnace applications.

The probe is made from AWG 12 Gauge thermocouple wire and is rated for continuous use at very high temperatures up to 2500 °F Fahrenheit or 1370 °C Celsius.

The k-type thermocouple is about 9.25 inch in total length, and it comes with 7 ceramic insulation tubes. The diameter of the insulators is 8.8 mm (+/-0.2mm) or 0.35 in (+/- 0.008).  It is great if you want to replace the sensor in your kiln and already have insulation tubes. This will work well with 6 insulators.

This type K Thermocouple Kiln Probe allows you to adjust the probe length by cutting the wire to your exact requirement.

This k-type thermocouple is frequently used in ceramic ovens, kilns and furnaces, in pottery ovens, metal working, manufacturing and whenever you need to measure and control very high temperatures.



  • K-type Thermocouple, Class 1 or Select Grade

  • Measurement Range -58 to 2500 °F (-50 to 1370 °C)

  • Wire Diameter: AWG 12, 0.079” or 2.0 mm

  • Alumina ceramic insulators, 0.35 in (+/- 0.008) or 8.8 mm (+/-0.2mm), each about 1 in long
  • Total length: 9.25 inch (23.5 cm)  +/- 0.25 in

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