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K-type Thermocouple Wire AWG 24 Solid w Fiberglass Insulation

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  • K-type thermocouple wire AWG24 with fiberglass insulation
  • Spool of AWG24 K-type thermocouple wire with fiberglass insulation
  • Double insulated AWG 24 K-type thermocouple wire


Standard K-type Thermocouple Wire with Fiberglass insulation

- 1 yard or multiples of 1 yard -

This is a k-type thermocouple wire with double braided fiberglass insulation, which is stable up to about 400 °C or 752 °F. This k-type thermocouple wire can be used to make your own thermocouple probe for a wide range of applications, or to make your own thermocouple extension wire. It can be used for ovens, furnaces, kilns and machines. Great for science projects in biology or chemistry! The chromel alumel wire is made to standard K-type thermocouple specifications. It has a double fiberglass insulation, the inner insulation is ANSI color coded, for k-type thermocouples yellow means + and red means -. It is sold in 1 yard increments, so if you order 10 units of this, you will receive a single 10 yard (30 ft) long wire.


  • K-type Thermocouple wire for making thermocouple sensor or extension wire
  • Chromel / Alumel type K thermocouple wire
  • Standard Accuracy: +/- 2.2C or +/- .75%
  • Solid wire, AWG 24 (0.51 mm)
  • Oval cross section, approx 0.10 x 0.065 inch (2.5 x 1.6 mm)
  • ANSI color coded fiberglass insulation, red = -, yellow = +
  • Sold in 1 yard increments, 1 unit = 1 yard, order 10 units and you receive a 10 yard wire
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