T-type Thermocouple Wire Solid AWG 24 with Fiberglass Insulation

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T-type Solid AWG24 FG 10 yd
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  • T-type thermocouple wire AWG 24 with fiberglass insulation
  • T-type Thermocouple Wire Solid AWG 24 with Fiberglass Insulation


30 ft Solid T-type Thermocouple Wire with Fiberglass insulation


This is a T-type thermocouple wire with blue braided fiberglass insulation, which is good up to about 400 C Celsius or 752 F Fahrenheit. This T-type thermocouple wire can be used to make your own T-type thermocouple for a wide range of applications, or to make your own extension wire. T-type thermocouples are frequently used to measure cold and ultra cold temperatures in cryogenic application. This T-type thermocoule wire can measure the temperature of liquid nitrogen, dry ice and other cooling fluids used in cryogenics. The copper constantan wire is made to standard T-type thermocouple specifications. T-type thermocoules can measure from -418 F to + 752 Fahrenheit ( or -250 degree Celsius to +400 degree Celsius) They are the best thermocouples for extremely low themperatures and cryogenics. It is sold in 1 yard increments, so if you order 10 units of this, you will receive a single 10 yard long wire.


  • T-type Thermocouple wire for making thermocouple or extension wire
  • Measurement Range: -418 °F to +752 °F ( -250 °C to +400 °C)
  • Copper / Constantan type t thermocouple wire with Standard Accuracy (whichever is greater): +/- 1.0C or +/- 0.4%
  • Solid wire, AWG 24 (0.51 mm)
  • ANSI color coded fiberglass insulation, red = -, blue = +,  outside white and blue
  • Sold in 10 yard increments, 1 unit = 10 yard, order 2 units and you receive a 20 yard wire spool
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