Specialty K-type Thermocouple Set 25ft, 32ft, 36ft and 40 ft

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K-type 25-32-36-40
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Specialty K-type Thermocouple Set  25ft, 32ft, 36ft and 40 ft


This is a set of K-type Thermocouple made from yellow AWG24 k-type thermocouple wire with PVC insulation. The tip is welded and the the thermocouple has a miniature K-type thermocouple connector. The set contains one each of the thermocouple in 25 ft, 32 ft, 36 ft and 40 ft length.  This set was designed for a customer, if you need a different set we are happy to design a specialty for you.



K-type Thermocouple wire AWG24

Standard limits of error

PVC insulation, temperature limit 105 deg C, 220 deg F

Welded tip

Miniature K-type connector with compensation metal blades (chromel and alumel)

Length (-0 inch, +4 inch):

1 x 25 ft

1 x 32 ft

1 x 36 ft

1 x 40 ft

Cable roll marked with length

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